Road Trip 2011 – Portland, Bangor & Acadia National Park, Maine – Day 24-25

From Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont, we headed up to Portland Maine and wandered around a bit.  It was a quaint little city.  While I stopped to try the lobster at the Portland Lobster Co… Ben occupied himself with taking a photo of a tiny little sprout growing out of a tiny little puddle in the sidewalk 🙂

After amusing ourselves in the city for a while we decided to try for a camping spot at Bradbury Mountain State Park about 30 miles North of Portland.  We have a habit of getting to these campsites after dark which makes it feel pointless to me, since you don’t really get that “hanging out at your campsite” experience (and is one of the reasons we hadn’t camped yet because campgrounds are creepy when you arrive after dark) .  We got there and I was ready to throw up the tent and hop in and call it a night, but Ben was ready to make a campfire (which proved impossible considering all the wood was wet!)  I went to sleep and he stayed up for at least 4 more hours trying to make it happen.  I know, because at one point he woke me up to make me look at it… it was pretty big… but apparently didn’t last very long…

One of my favorite parts of camping  is cooking breakfast… I just love to wake up in the woods and then cook and eat outside around the tent… so much fun!

Although we had a 3 hour drive to check out Acadia National Park, we decided to leave our tent set up at the park while we went off to explore.  Bradbury Mountain is the cheapest state park camping in Maine, and so far is the cheapest campground we’ve come across period in any state at only $19 a night (another reason we haven’t camped yet… average campsite price has been around $40 a night and when you get there well after dark it really does seem pointless).  So, instead of stressing out over finding a new place to sleep after exploring Acadia, we decided the 3 hour drive back to the park would be worth it.  I think it was!  Driving hours and hours a day really isn’t so bad when you don’t have a real destination.

My parents bought us a National Park Pass for Christmas and I’ve been dying to start using it!  Acadia was such a great place to break it in… very scenic and relaxing.

And of course, on the way back to the campground, we drove through Bangor, Maine so we could check out where Stephen King lives for half of the year 🙂  He’s one of Ben’s favorite authors and we’ve spent many hours so far listening to Under the Dome on audiobook during this trip, so it was only fitting!  You can check out the video clip we shot of the drive-by on our road trip tumblr. page here.

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  • kathryn - I love Acadia N.Park!!! I used to camp on the isle and climb Mt. Katahdin and pick blueberries and make blueberry pancakes for breakfast the next morning at the campsite….if we had any left. We would pick three berries and eat two…pick a berry and eat a berry is usually what we did…
    Then we had lobsterssss for dinner! What a great time.ReplyCancel

  • Kellie - $19 a night to camp is rediculous! When you’re finally up around Washington, it’s a bunch cheaper here. I’d say, $9-15.

    And I’d say thats really cool about Bangor, Maine, I am also a huge Stephen King fan. 🙂ReplyCancel

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