Road Trip 2011 – Redwood National Park & Forest – Day 62

From Crescent City we drove along the coast and through the Redwood National Park proper.  We stopped for a hike at Big Tree.

And then we saw some Elk pigging out in a field…

And then we checked out Arcata, CA.  A fun fact that not many people know… at the end of my Sophomore year of college I was convinced I was moving to Arcata.  I had never been there before, and knew practically nothing about it.  I just had this grand vision in my head of taking a break from school, and living solo in the coastal Northern California town… living on a variety of sugary cereals like Capt’n Crunch and Golden Grahams.  That was my dream.  I often checked out the Arcata Plaza Cam here.  So, when we arrived in Arcata, I felt like I knew it a little bit already.  In case you were wondering, I never moved to Arcata… though I did take that semester off from college.  The Plaza looked exactly as I remembered it from the Plaza Cam.  It was a little exciting 🙂

We walked around a bit and then checked out a theater that was having a sci-fi movie night.  There was a technical issue with the movie that was suppose to be playing that Ben really wanted to see, so we watched a bit of the alternate movie and then decided to head out to find a camp.

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