Road Trip 2011 – Sedona AZ to Meteor Crater – Day 82

After we left Scottsdale we drove up through Sedona to see the Red Rocks.  It was a little absurd that you had to purchase a recreation pass in order to “legally” stop and view the red rocks at any of the overlooks.  We just put our National Park Pass on display and hoped that sufficed because seriously?  It was just some big red rocks.  Big deal.  Sure, it was a pretty town, but it’s not a National Park, so chill out with the fees already.


On top of that, the campgrounds were outrageously priced compared to all the other National Forest Campgounds we’ve found the previous 80 days on the road.  Crazy.  So, we kept driving.  I’m so glad we did.   We drove through Flagstaff and then went to check out the Meteor Crater outside of Winslow.  We stopped for gas at the Meteor Crater RV Park and I inquired about pricing for the park.  It was the cheapest RV park we’ve encountered, and as much as the National Forest Campground in Sedona, but he let me take a walk around and there were bunnies and a shower and Wi-Fi and it was landscaped really nicely.  So, we headed down to the Crater while I thought it over.  The Crater was closing and Ben had second thoughts about how much he really needed to see a giant hole in the ground, so we turned around, took some pictures of some American Antelope in the desert, and Ben went  for a hike to some rusty cars out in the distance.  Meanwhile, I watched the sunset, took photos of Ben in said desert, and decided we’d stay at the RV park after all.


This is the RV park from down the street… it’s behind those trees.

This was one of my favorite nights of our whole trip.  The desert wind blew strong all night long, the RV area was so nice and green and the trees made such a relaxing rustling sound.  Bunnies were hopping around, there was tumbleweed all over the fence, the weather was the perfect temperature.  I woke up early and watched the sky get brighter and brighter since we didn’t have the rain flap on and the best part was that it didn’t get hotter and hotter as the sky got brighter and brighter.  I would definitely stay here again and actually hope to someday!

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