Road Trip 2011 – Tacoma, WA – Day 53 Part 1

On our way out of Seattle, we finally got a chance to stop by Piroshki on 3rd for a delicious Piroshki.  When we visited Seattle in 07, I had a piroshki every single day.  Since I try to stay away from flour and sugar these days, I managed to avoid the temptation for the 3 days we were in the city, and treated myself on the way out.  It was just as delicious as I remembered.  They are like big fluffy sweet rolls filled with savory veggies and sometimes cheese.  We got one cabbage and potato, and one broccoli, potato & cheese.  I’ve not seen these treats anywhere else other than Seattle and I just don’t know why.  I guess it’s a good thing!

So, we headed on down to Tacoma to check it out.  Again, I was hoping for the best.  If Seattle wasn’t quite the city I was looking for, certainly it would be Tacoma… just around the corner.  But, no.  It seemed a lot like Wilmington actually, but other than a huge arcade pizza place, there wasn’t much appeal for us.

We did hang out in the arcade for a while playing some of our old favorites…

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