Road Trip 2011 – Yellowstone National Park, WY – Day 45 Part 2

We went straight from Grand Teton National Park into Yellowstone National Park.  I think we both preferred Grand Teton’s scenery to Yellowstone’s, however we only had time to see about a 4th of Yellowstone.  It’s huge!  I could definitely see having plenty to do spending an entire week in the park.  We hit up the places we thought would be most interesting though…

Our first stop was Old Faithful.  Of course you can’t go to Yellowstone without seeing Old Faithful.  I didn’t realize however that Old Faithful doesn’t stand alone.  There are about a dozen geysers all around Old Faithful, and dozens more fumaroles all through the park and on the mountains, and they all blow steam constantly so it looks like there are fires all over the forest.  This geyser pictured below is not actually Old Faithful, but I thought it blew up better and made for better pictures, so here it is.  We’re not 100% sure but I think this one is called Daisy based on the time predictions that were posted for when they would each blow.

I love all the prismatic springs and paint pots… they are just so pretty and intriguing!

Of course there is more wildlife to be seen!

Another grizzly…

All I wanted to see was a Bull Moose, but you know what?  All I got to see was Elk.

Such pretty skies

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