Story Book Themed Baby Shower – Waiting on Niece Sadie

Crystal Genes Photography150809-101615_WEBI’m in NC for most of this month.  For one, I have a wedding and bridal session to photograph, and for two, my brother and his wife are expecting their first child any day now!  I have always had a thing for children’s books, and have a little collection of my own at home even though I have no kids, so throwing a book themed shower was a no brainer.  My aunt and I (with the help of my mom and dad and friend Jennifer… oh and of course Pinterest), planned and threw a really lovely children’s book theme baby shower for her yesterday.  Since I couldn’t make it to NC from Portland any sooner, we had no choice but to plan for it to be just days before her due date.  Luckily little Sadie didn’t make an early appearance, but now she can hurry on out before I have to go back, please!  I thought our decor and details looked so adorable, so I took a bunch of pictures just before the baby shower started, and thought I’d share online.  Even at 9 months, Katie still looks beautiful!Crystal Genes Photography150809-125044_WEBWe started a month or so ago, and made these cute library check-out style cards for the baby shower invitations.  There are dozens of templates online for these.  I found this one HERE but I made a few changes to it with photoshop 🙂Crystal Genes Photography150809-101536_WEBOnce I arrived in NC, the first craft we started working on was a book page door wreath.  We used a really pretty book called Raggedy Ann Stories that we found for $2 at Goodwill.  It was really painful to cut out the pages of such a pretty book, so luckily the wreath turned out nicely.  We used this tutorial for the wreath HERE.Crystal Genes Photography150809-124701_WEBMy aunt’s house has great window light, and is painted a light green which is similar to the color of Sadie’s nursery, so we tried to stick with white, light greens and light and dark purples as an overall color theme.  It was so much fun to put the food table together with all the matching books.  I’ll write out a list below with the books and their matching foods 🙂  We purchased a few unfinished wooden crates and 2 children’s wooden step stools from the craft store and my dad painted them white to use as risers on the table to give some height variety.Crystal Genes Photography150809-100039_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-100238_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-100344_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-100426_WEBBehind the food table we made some big rosette paper medallions.  We just used white printer paper for the medallions, and a package of pre-made purple colored rosettes from the craft store to glue into the centers.  We hot glued some wire to the back and hung them using those wall safe, removable 3M hooks.  We learned how to make the paper medallions HERE on the Pottery Barn Kids website.  Be sure to watch the video as the written instructions are a little hard to follow.  Our folds never lined up evenly, but it ended up not making much of a difference.  Crystal Genes Photography150809-100428_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-100438_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-100519_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-100602_WEBAnd here’s where my mom’s best skills came into play… a book cake!  She made 2 9×13 cakes – one strawberry, and one vanilla… and cut them each in half to make 4 books.  I wrote all the titles on the spines, and my dad did the design on the top of Harold (Sadie) and the Purple Crayon.  They were definitely the hit of the shower 🙂Crystal Genes Photography150809-100621_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-113957_WEB  We asked everyone to bring a baby photo of themselves, and we hung them along some purple and white baker’s twine between the two rooms.  We had a stack of answer forms so that guests could guess and write down who they thought each baby was.  The person with the most right won the game.  Most people got about 7 correct, but my aunt got all 14 right!  Some people of course forgot to bring a photo, and we also had one of my brother in the mix.  I think a better plan for this game next time would be to not tell anyone which people are missing photos, and to not tell anyone that there is a photo of the father to be in the mix either – for bonus points 🙂Crystal Genes Photography150809-100728_WEBAs people came into the shower, we had them paint a few random abstract lines onto a blank canvas as a “guest book”.  We stuck with the purple and green colors, and now Sadie has her first little piece of art for her nursery!  We actually had to go  back in at the end of the shower and fill in all the white canvas space with color to make it look finished, so I would recommend that if someone else uses this idea… go ahead and paint some big color swatches to fill the whole canvas first, and then have people paint lines over the color instead of over the blank canvas.Crystal Genes Photography150809-101043_WEBWe used purple and white popcorn from the popcorn store, and Moonpies as the take home favors for everyone.Crystal Genes Photography150809-100841_WEBI also put together these bookmarks for guests to take home with Sadie’s name and a place where they can write in her birthdate once she’s born.  I found this template HERE  through Martha Stewart’s website, but I changed the colors in photoshop and also used the graphics to make a few other signs and labels of my own to match.   We painted the inside of a few small jars white to use for the bookmarks and other various things, like forks, and paintbrushes, etc.Crystal Genes Photography150809-101002_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-101030_WEBThe water broke game is always fun!  We ordered a pack of plastic babies from Amazon and froze them in icecubes… a few cubes gave birth to twins, triplet’s and one even had quadruplets 🙂  The first guest to find their baby floating in their drink has to shout “My water broke!” and is the winner.Crystal Genes Photography150809-101117_WEBFor beverages we had mint and cucumber infused water, and a pink punch.   And another decoration we crafted was story book bunting.  We cut pages from The Little Red Caboose, which was also found at Goodwill and equally as painful to cut up.

Here’s the pink baby shower punch recipe:

2 (0.13) packages unsweetened pink lemonade Kool-Aid (or similar)

2 cans frozen Bacardi pina colada mix

1 liter bottle club soda

2 c. sugar (if using unsweetened Kool Aid)

2 qts. cold water

Combine Kool Aid, sugar and pina colada mix in punch bowl. Stir until sugar dissolves. Add 2 quarts cold water and stir. Immediately before serving add 1 liter of club soda.  Crystal Genes Photography150809-101133_WEBWe found a pretty wooden frame from the craft store that we painted purple and attached chicken wire to the back of that we hung some bows, socks, and hats to with small clothespins.  This matched the books, “The Cat in the Hat” and “Fox in Socks” and can be hung on the wall in Sadie’s room for her hair bows and things!  I also placed out on this table, as well as on a few other tables around the room, maternity photos that I took of Katie and Elliott when they came to visit me in Portland a couple of months ago.  You can see photos from their photo shoot HERE.  We also had a variety of 7 different succulents that we picked up from Home Depot, which we gave away as the prizes to the guests who won each game!  We covered the bottom of each pot using 2 large Wilton brand petal cupcake baking cups per pot.Crystal Genes Photography150809-101208_WEBWe also had a third wooden crate that we used on a table to collect some of guests unwrapped books.  We painted wooden letters in a dark purple and glued them to the side to say “Sadie’s Books”.   We had some label stickers that guests could write a note to Sadie and stick inside the book they brought.Crystal Genes Photography150809-101337_WEBOh, and all these chalkboards?  You can get them pretty cheap from a craft store, but my dad made them all from scratch!  The easels we used for all the books and signs and chalkboards came in packs of 12 HERE.  I also ordered one of their maternity photos printed on wood and used it on the entrance table.   As guests entered, they picked up 2 caterpillar clothespins that we made by gluing pompom balls to clothespins, and stuck them to their clothes.  Then, anytime someone heard someone else say the word “Cute”, they got to steal a caterpillar from that person.  Whoever had the most caterpillars at the end of the shower won.  Crystal Genes Photography150809-101439_WEBSavannah definitely won the caterpillar game.  And guests clearly love using the word cute!Crystal Genes Photography150809-120719_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-102939_WEBI interviewed my brother before the shower and asked him a bunch of questions about Sadie, such as “How much money will the tooth fairy leave under Sadie’s pillow?” and “When can she get her ears pierced?”, and “When will Sadie be allowed to have her first phone?” and “How old will Sadie be when you take her to Disney World?” and of course, “How old will Sadie be when she’s allowed to date without a chaperone?”, and then asked Katie the same questions.  The differences in some of their answers made for lots of laughter 🙂  Crystal Genes Photography150809-104833-2_WEBWhile Katie opened her gifts, we had a bag that we used as a “hot potato”.  Anytime someone said the words “baby” or “girl”, the bag got passed down two people to the right.  Whoever was holding the bag after Katie finished opening her presents, had to open the bag.  Inside the bag was a “dirty diaper” full of melted Bits-O-Honey candy.  The person who opened the bag was the first to try to guess what candy it was.  It ended up going all the way around the circle to Katie who was the last to guess and guessed correctly!  My cousin Jordan even tried tasting the candy, but still didn’t know what it was!  Crystal Genes Photography150809-104840_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-112811_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-113015_WEBAnother fun game we played just required sheets of construction paper.  Everyone got a sheet of paper and held it behind their backs.  We chose “baby bottle” as the word for this round, but you could come up with endless other words to use instead.  Everyone had to cut out the shape of a baby bottle behind their backs and once everyone was finished, they all held their shapes up to see who had the best one.  It was hilarious seeing all the different shapes that came out!Crystal Genes Photography150809-114344_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-114407_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-114452_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-114502_WEBCrystal Genes Photography150809-102608_WEBHere’s everyone examining the baby photos trying to guess who each one is!Crystal Genes Photography150809-115032_WEBHere’s a photo of the “hot potato”/”dirty diaper” bag… and a closeup of the succulent pots that we used as the prizes.unnamed_WEBAnd here’s all of us together!  And me and Katie!  Photos of baby Sadie hopefully coming sooooooon!unnamed (1)_WEBI gave Katie a few books that I thought were really great that I also want to add to my own collection when I get a chance!  I found a book called “This is Sadie” that is super adorable with great illustrations.   “Mary had a Little Lamp”… it is just so funny about a little girl who literally treats her lamp like a pet.  And finally, “I am a Bunny“, a Richard Scarry book that has such pretty illustrations.


And now: a list of all the books and their matching foods:

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – Obviously Meatballs

Olivia – Pigs in a blanket (I know this is sort of sad, poor piggie)

Green Eggs and Ham – Dill & horseradish deviled eggs with prosciutto on top

Harold and the Purple Crayon – Book Cake!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish – Rainbow Goldfish crackers

Time for School Mouse – Cheese Ball and crackers

If you Give a Dog a Donut – Cinnamon & sugar biscuit donuts

Pout Pout Fish – JuJu Gummy Fish

Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree – Chocolate chip cookies and tiny glasses of milk

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear – Strawberries with strawberry fruit dip

Goodnight Moon – Mini Moon Pies

Popcorn – Purple and White Popcorn

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