There’s a First Time For Everything… I’ve Had A Lot of Those This Summer – {thoughts from the intern}

So with this internship I am not just learning the in’s and out’s of running a business and about photography, I’m also getting a lot of new experiences thanks to the one and only Miss Crystal Genes.

This all started in Burgaw when I tagged along for Beth and Daniels wedding.  First, Crystal took me to Topsail Beach (where I had never been before).  It was a treat for me because I don’t make my way to the coast much, but I love the beach. After the beach we went to Flaming Amy’s Bowl.  It’s this awesome little restaurant hidden in the most random spot you don’t know it’s there unless you know it’s your destination.  I think it can be classified as Mongolian food. While I’m hardly considered a picky eater I love the idea of throwing in whatever foods I like.  I will TOTALLY be going  back there!  Next on the list was blueberry picking!!!! Seriously, it was so hot and I don’t know if I was completely up for it at the time because of the temperature but it was so worth it.  Mom and Dad loved the blueberries I brought back to Charlotte with me.  I told my mom I’d be at a blueberry farm every week if there was one in Charlotte (I don’t think there’s one?). The whole time we were there Crystal kept talking about Duplin Wine and going to the Duplin Winery.  While we didn’t make it there, I did get to taste some while in Burgaw.  It was super tasty! I have a feeling I’ll be picking it up in the grocery store soon!  Lastly, Crystal took me into downtown Wilmington to go to Nikki’s Sushi.  I was sooo scared when she told me we were getting sushi (yea, i know.  Artsy college kids typically like sushi).  I figured i could always fall back on the california rolls if I needed to. I don’t remember what I had, but I liked it!!

Okay! Back to Charlotte! I think the biggest thing here that Crystal has introduced me to is the Plaza Midwood area in general.  She took me contra dancing guys!!! We were supposed to have a shoot and it was rescheduled last minute for some reason (maybe bad weather). Just as I was walking out the door Crystal remembered it was Monday night Contra Dancing at Chantilly Hall.  She asked if  I wanted to go, I figured why not.  It was so much fun; even though it was my first time I felt like a fool for not knowing all the steps. People were great though and they really helped me along!!

watch this video Crystal put together of us dancing!  (i’m the one in the bright blue skirt and black tank)

Crystal & me Contra Dancing

Crystal has also introduced me to a lot of new flavors!  While working with her I have now tried falafel, eaten take-out from ZiZi’s Vegan restaurant (I like my meat though, in case you guys were wondering), eaten at Crisp (I LOVE salad!!!) and have sipped on Vietnamese iced coffee.  There is not a single thing I’ve eaten/had to drink from this list that I haven’t enjoyed.

Thank you Crystal for opening my eyes to all these new things! I’m sure there’s still more to come!!

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