Thoughts. On Turning 30 and Other Things.

After a good long consistent spell of keeping the blog updated 5 times a week, I hope the recent lack of posts haven’t caused a loss of readers!  I’ve been taking a personal break to do some thinking and reflecting and just general lazing around before wedding season hits full force again.

To start with, I had a milestone birthday this past Saturday.  Yep, the big 30!  A lot of people consider 25 to be a big milestone birthday, but it wasn’t a big deal for me, I actually liked being 25 and I liked 27 too.  I think I like odd numbers best.  And while 30 never really sounded like a big deal, and I assumed I’d embrace it with open arms, quite the opposite feelings started to emerge the closer it got.  And it’s had me in quite a slump… so much so that I spent an entire afternoon in the self-help section of the bookstore reading about happiness and change and all such topics the day before the big day!

I think it has something to do with the fact we’ve been nomads for almost a year and haven’t really had a “normal” day to day routine in quite a while.  Of course it’s been a great experience and great time and we’re so lucky to have had this chance to uproot and take off into the unknown.  But at 30 years young you expect, and are expected, to have certain things figured out.  Like where you want to live!  And be settled there and on your way.  I’m so ready for a house to call my own and a routine and some stability in a place we love.  Now that we are in a new city 3,000 miles from the only state we’ve ever known, where we know absolutely no one, it’s like starting over.  I guess it’s like being in college for the first time again… and finding your place among all the strangers who seem to already have it together.  But, then again, we’re only here for a few months to start out with… returning to NC for the bulk of our weddings this Summer.  So, the cycle is to continue for the foreseeable future and I guess I’m just gonna have to go with it!



Back to the main subject…I always imagined that on my 30th birthday I’d be surrounded by friends, but not only is that hard to do in a brand new city where you’ve yet to make any friends, but all of my closest friends have already made moves to new cities of their own all over the states… getting them all in one place is nearly impossible these days!  Luckily I had Ben around to find ways to make the day special.

First I awoke to find a Cocoa Puff Donut in the kitchen (our roomate works nights at Voodoo Donuts and brings them home some mornings… after a week of no donuts, I finally found one waiting for me!  Perfect!)

Then…we started with a vegan biscuit and gravy breakfast at a little place around the corner…

When we got home, a package from my mom had arrived, full of brownies!

Then I decided to get out there and start meeting people, so I joined up with a group, started by Ruthie Briggs Photography, at Jim Boardman’s studio in Aloha, OR for some free time shooting… images coming soon!


Then I headed home and got ready for a night on the town.  First Ben surprised me with that chocolate cheesecake that is pictured in the top photo above… chocolate day!  He also got us on the guest list for Portland Soul Revue at The Secret Society… it was a great way to ring in 30!

So that’s about it!  I’ve told you the truth today, but from here on out until my next birthday, I’ve decided to be 28.  And I’m feeling quite optimistic about this year and it bringing us closer to finding our perfect place 🙂

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  • Christy Nell Quirk - Happy belated birthday! Your post hit a note with me, perhaps because my 30th is just two months away. It really brings up all sorts of thoughts doesn’t it? Keep up the good work and enjoy Portland!ReplyCancel

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