Uncovering my inner digital artist {thoughts from the intern}

Certainly we have been super busy photographing our wonderful clients lately, but there is a whole other side to the business that is far less visible and far more time consuming…editing!  One of my main goals in signing on as Crystal Genes’ intern was to learn her end-to-end work flow process and boy is there a lot of material.  Aside from prepping for a shoot then actually taking the pictures, you have to download your images, which may take a while, especially on weddings!  Then we have to sort them according to where we see them as being useful such as for the blog, website, or lovely slide shows the client views.  Once sorted, then you get to the editing where the real style of a photographer shines.

Contrary to film, digital photography easily lends itself to programs like Photoshop.  I used to be headstrong against any type of post processing, but I have since seen the light in how editing can enhance your photos without making them look overdone or cheesy.  Some photographers rely on specific steps, or actions, to represent their vision and style.  It’s interesting trying to mimic styles and figure out the correct formula to get images looking the way one might picture in their head.  The possibilities are limited to your imagination and can be as far fetched or as natural as possible.

The first image is the original one Crystal Genes took.  Beautiful shot of a couple by a window flooded with natural light (my favorite kind!)  If you look through the progression of other images you can see that by using a few editing techniques, you can completely change the “feel” of the photograph.  Are you attempting to create an emotion of nostalgia or rock-n-roll, pretty or grungy, natural or fabricated?  It can all be accomplished with a few clicks of the mouse, swoops of a brush tool, and of course a certain artistic eye.  Aren’t they all great in their own way?!

Hope you enjoyed another look inside the life of an intern.



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